Integrate & Optimize

Engage your audience on any device while easily integrating with standard applications and Learning Management Systems.
Click Here to learn more about how our games can be published anywhere. Mercer’s 2018 Global Talent Trends survey found that “most employees want their company to offer more flexible work options.” With the increase in flexible work, employees also need more flexible learning. The Training Arcade® games can be deployed on phones, tablets, computers and kiosks, enabling employees to play and learn when and where they want. Our games can also be easily published as a SCORM package (using SCORM 2004: 3rd Edition and SCORM 1.2) for easy integration into the majority of Learning Management Systems. The Training Arcade games are also xAPI ready. If you don’t have an LMS but are interested in finding one that suits your needs, click here to explore our gamified LMS called Motivate Cloud.
You can also integrate The Training Arcade® into PowerPoint, Storyline, Captivate, Lectora, and other elearning authoring tools as a web object.
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